Hey there!👋I’m Pedro Menezes, a Frontend Engineer with 5+ years of experience.

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Work Experience


Frontend Engineer · Feb 2018 - Present

As a Frontend Engineer at kununu (a XING company) I've helped evolve their next-generation product in a scrum environment with distributed teams across Porto and Vienna.

Furthermore, I've had the opportunity to evaluate and choose the technology stack that make the core of kununu’s product.

With performance, accessibility and maintainability in mind, the stack chosen is constantly evolving, and has tools and technologies such as: React (and Hooks), Next.js, Redux, Sass, PostCSS, Webpack, Node.js, Express, Jest and CSS Grid.

Codeminer 42

Frontend Developer · May 2015 - Jan 2018

As a frontend developer and consultant, I was responsible for projects that involved building products for small and big companies.

Focusing on deliver value to each client, but also improve their software development processes following the best practices.

Personal Projects


Brasil WikiEdits is a bot that tweets anonymous edits to Wikipedia made in the Brazilian's government network, its branches and public companies. I've created this tool to help increase transparency of government actions made online.

Changes reported by @brwikiedits were covered by several national Brazilian newspapers, such as: G1, CBN, UOL, O Globo, Gizmodo, Tecnoblog, TecMundo, Jornal Nacional and BuzzFeed.

The bot uses a forked and edited version of anon project. Under the hood, it runs on Node.js and listens to updates on specific IRC channels that streams Wikipedia changes. Once it finds an anonymous edit containing an IP address that matches with a list of Brazilian governement IPs, a tweet is published with the following information: which page was edited, by whom, and a link to the edit reference in Wikipedia which can be used to check parts that were modified and further validate the IP's ownership in a whois lookup.